'How To' Guide on Choosing Sizes for Customs

Selecting the correct size for a custom kit is so important - you will want to avoid your diamond painting looking squashed or stretched in either direction, and this all eventually comes down to sizing. Whilst we are always on hand to offer advice on sizing if you are unsure, here are some of our failsafe tips to help guide you when ordering your custom kit:

1. Always be sure to order the largest size possible to get the most detail out of your chosen image. A family picture or one taken at a distance will not have the detail in the faces at smaller sizes such as 40x40. The two images below show the difference between a 30x40 (first picture), and a 50x70 (second picture) diamond painting kit created from the same image. For group sizes of over three people, we always recommend asking our advice.

diamond painting custom sizing

how to choose size for diamond painting custom


2. Original image clarity and resolution is important. A screenshot or a picture from Facebook will never have the same quality as one uploaded from elsewhere, or an original image file. If possible, always use the original image file. The clearer the initial image is, the better it will turn out as a diamond painting. If you are unsure whether an image is suitable to be turned into a diamond painting, please contact us before ordering. 


3. Dimensions are EVERYTHING. When choosing the size of your diamond painting, remember that the sizes (e.g. 30x40cm) represent the height and width of your picture. Ordering a rectangular picture as a 40x40cm diamond painting will not work, as the sides of the original image do not measure the same, and the resulting diamond painting will always, therefore, be misshapen. As you can see, the image below is not square. The width of the image is around 1.5 times the height, meaning that 50x75 would be a great place to start. Again, please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team if in doubt! 

custom sizing diamond painting, choosing size diamond painting, what size should my diamond painting be?


4. Image editing can make all the difference. Diamond paintings are often a shade or two darker than the original image after being processed, and as a result, if an image is too dark it can distort the finished product. We are happy to edit images for you prior to placing your order. As well as brightening images, we are also able to edit together different pictures, remove backgrounds, change backgrounds, add in writing, and more. Please send us an email with your chosen picture and editing requests.


5. Always ask for advice when uncertain! You can always pop us an email over at support@diamondpaintingfactory.co.uk if you would like a bit of help, or simply to check that you are on the right track with your custom kit. 


Thanks for reading! 

The Diamond Painting Factory

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